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CEEscholarships and NISscholarships Craig Zelizer is project director, Alliance for Conflict Transformation, and Ph.D. Candidate, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, Alexandria, VA. He manages these two lists, primarily for students and scholars from the former Soviet republics and the Central Eastern Europe region seeking ways to finance their academic work in the West.

CIS Grantmonitor This list is intended for NIS grant seekers (NGOs and individuals). Many announcements are geared toward those in the academic or scientific communities, but others apply to NGOs, artists, or other categories.

Eurasia Partners Partnership grants sponsored by the Eurasia Foundation.

Grants the site is of interest primarily for grant applicants in CEE and NIS countries.

Web Sites

Canadian International Development Center CIDA is responsible for the majority of the Canadian government’s international assistance programs in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Eastern Europe and Eurasia.  CIDA focuses on core democratic institutions, civil society, and public administration/good governance.  The website contains information about CIDA’s program in Eurasia and descriptions of projects it has supported in the past.

Charity Know How CKH is a grantmaking body which combines the funds and knowledge of 14 grantmaking trusts, charitable foundations and individuals, and the Department for International Development (DfID) of the British government.  The site includes a “Contact Finder” service for NGOs from Eastern Europe and Eurasia, a search mechanism that is available in English and Russian.

CharityNet in the UK Lots of information about foundations and NGOs in the United Kingdom, including links to over 700 UK foundations and NGOs and a Charity Search Engine through which you can access the names and contact information for over 70,000 British NGOs.

Civilian Research and Development Foundation, U.S. CRDF offers periodic competitions for its Cooperative Grants Program. This program allows joint teams of U.S. and former Soviet Union (FSU) scientists and engineers to apply for one- to two-year support for cooperation in any area of civilian research and development in the natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, and biomedical and behavioral sciences. The FSU Co-Investigator must be a citizen of, and permanently reside in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine or Uzbekistan.

Council of Foundations An association of foundations in the U.S.  Select the link for Links & Networking then COF Member websites for a directory of websites of hundreds of U.S. foundations.

Database of Funding Sources for Environmental NGOs A database of more than 100 funders which support environmental projects in Central Europe and to a lesser degree Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. The database is maintained by the Regional Environment Center (REC) in Hungary.

Eurasia Foundation The Eurasia Foundation is one of the major funders of NGOs in Eurasia.  Its website includes a searchable database of grants it has made in the past.  It also includes links to the websites of its offices in Eurasia, which often contain bulletins about their grant programs and links to NGOs they have supported.

Eurasia Foundation Central Asia Website At this English-Russian website you can find application materials for grants (including downloadable versions of Grant Program Guidelines), information on previous grants given, contact information/office maps, newsletters, and success stories.

Europa Data An excellent resource for information on European Commission programs, grant aid and policy.

European Cultural Foundation “APEXchanges” offer travel grants to young artists and art organizers from Central and Eastern Europe enabling them to work with colleagues from other European countries. No applications will be accepted after August 1, 2001, however, pending a review of this program.

European Foundation Centre EFC was founded in 1989 by seven of Europe's leading foundations "to build philanthropy in the New Europe by promoting foundations and corporate citizenship." Of special interest at EFC's Web site is the Orpheus Programme which is a network of NGO resource centers in Western and Eastern Europe and Western Eurasia which have programs on civil society, education, environment and philanthropy. Each program publishes a bulletin which reports on projects throughout the region with case studies of how organizations have tackled pressing issues.

Fellowships, Scholarships and Grants for Individuals  Maintained by the National Endowment for Democracy, this list contains brief descriptions, contact information, and links to U.S. organizations which offer fellowships and grants to individuals interested in international affairs.

Ford Foundation Ford’s program in Russia addresses four major areas of concern: human rights, legal reform, and legal education; civil society, local governance, and community development; higher education policy, social sciences and humanities, social policy research; and cultural institutions and media policy. The site has a page listing the organizations which have been grantees of Ford in Russia.

The Foundation Center The Foundation Center is an independent information clearinghouse for and about grantmaking foundations in the U.S. The Center’s website includes “Grantmaker Info,” which has links to nearly 1,000 U.S. private and corporate foundations, and “Foundation Finder,” a searchable database of addresses for more than 50,000 private foundations in the U.S.

Foundations On-Line Links to hundreds of American foundation websites.

Funders Online Funders Online is an online directory of several hundred European foundations, created by the European Foundation Centre (see above).  European in the broadest sense, stretching from the Atlantic to the Urals. It includes information on the types of projects the foundations fund and where they are active. A searchable database yielded only seven foundations based in Russia as of early 2001, but the database should grow significantly in coming years. There is also a directory of NGO resources centers in Europe, with brief descriptions and links to their websites.

Fundsnet Online Services Fundsnet is a for-profit website which offers links to hundreds of foundations of interest to non-profit organizations and students.  It makes money through advertising and memberships, but there is plenty of information available for free.  One of the nice features is that the links are annotated so that the visitor can get a sense of whether it is worth the time clicking on another link. 

Funding for Civil Society: A Guide to U.S. Grantmakers Giving in Central/Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States A useful guide to more than 50 U.S. organizations which fund civil society projects in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. The guide was compiled by VOICE International in 1997. Although the entire guide is available at the website, Western organizations are requested to pay a $30 fee if they download the guide.

Fundraising in Science Maintained by Serguei Simonov, researcher in the computer science department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the site includes information on receiving grants, finding funds, typical and specialized request forms, and a section with a list of funds for Internet users and reference sources. In Russian (Windows fonts)

Grants to the NIS A compilation of select grants to NIS organizations and programs in 1996-97. Includes grant-making organization, grant amount, the name of the recipient organization and its mission.

Guide of Fellowships for Journalists Fellowship opportunities for foreign journalists to study in the United States, Europe and worldwide.

Guide to European Union Grants for NGOs in Eastern Europe and Eurasia  Published in April 2000 by the Open Society Institute.

International Education Financial Aid Database IEFA aspires to having the “premier Internet resource for financial aid information for international students wishing to study in a foreign country." It offers comprehensive listings of grants, scholarships, loan programs, and other information to assist students pursuing opportunities to study abroad.  An estimated 700,000 students visit this website in a year.

MacArthur Foundation, John D. and Catherine T.  The MacArthur Foundation is one of the largest in the U.S. and its “Initiative in the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union” includes an Individual Research and Writing (IRW) Grants program intended to help members of the intelligentsia carry on creative work in the face of the many economic disruptions of recent years. Projects supported under the IRW Grants program must fall into one of the priority areas: Law and Society, Human Rights, Environment and Society, or Peace and Security.

Mott Foundation, Charles Stewart  The foundation believes that “a strong and diverse nonprofit sector is vital to a healthy civil society.” It supports a range of projects in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine.

National Endowment for Democracy—Sources of Funding in International Affairs  Maintained by the National Endowment for Democracy this site offers brief descriptions, contact information, and links to more than 75 U.S. and foreign foundations which fund international projects.

The Pew Charitable Trusts based in Philadelphia, is national philanthropy established 49 years ago. Each year, the Trusts make grants of about $180 million for work in culture, education, environment, religion and more.

"Scientist to Scientist" is a newsletter which serves as an information clearinghouse on cooperative projects in the fields of science and engineering between the US, Western Europe and Eastern Central Europe and Central Asia. Includes news of funding opportunities.

Social Science Research Council Their website includes an extensive list of fellowships in the social sciences sponsored by the Council or its partners.

Social Transformation (MATRA) Programme This is a Dutch government program whose aim is “to support the transition from totalitarianism to pluriform, democratic constitutional states in fourteen countries in Central and Eastern Europe.” The MATRA Grants Handbook is an 80 KB file.

Socio-Ecological Union Database of Funders Includes a database of Western foundations and corporations which make grants, as well as other types of funding sources and information about grants and taxes.

Soros Foundations Network George Soros, through his family of Open Society Institutes in 26 countries in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the development of civil societies in the region. It’s no surprise therefore that the Soros website is a popular destination for people working with NGOs in Eurasia. The site includes information about dozens of Soros projects in the region. 

Sources of Funding at Ecoline  The Socio-Ecological Union’s Center for Coordination and Information maintains a large website devoted to funding resources.  In addition to grant and scholarship announcements, the site includes a database of several hundred Western Foundations with descriptions of the types of projects they fund and links to their home pages.  There is also a library of financial and tax information for NGOs in Russia.

Sources of Funding in International Affairs Maintained by the National Endowment for Democracy this site offers brief descriptions, contact information, and links to more than 75 U.S. and foreign foundations which fund international projects.

TACIS TACIS is one of the European Union's largest aid programs in Eurasia, which has launched more than 3,000 projects in the region since 1991. A significant number of TACIS grants have been awarded for NGO projects. The Web site includes information about the TACIS grants programs as well as profiles ("case studies") of projects TACIS has supported in the past.

UK Fundraising UK Fundraising was established in April 1995 as a resource for professional fundraisers in the UK and abroad. Although the site is intended primarily for professional fundraisers for large organizations, there is a lot of information and links of interest to amateurs as well.  Of special interest is the section titled ‘Fundraising Online,” which includes links to websites that are examples of projects which have used the Internet as an integral part of their fundraising strategy.

United Nations Development Programme The site for the Regional Bureau for Europe and the CIS (RBEC) includes information on UNDP programs, plus National Human Development Reports and other publications.

United States International Grantmakers  This website, developed by the Council on Foundations in Washington, DC, “serves both grantmakers and grantseekers to support and facilitate the process of making grants overseas.” The site is currently offered as a free service, but “with the addition of new features,” it warns, “portions of this site may become restricted to members only and be accessible only through a password.” In other words, it might not be free much longer.

Virtual Foundation A consortium of nonprofit charitable organizations which fund small grassroots grants in Eastern Europe and the NIS. Projects and information are available on their web site.

Westminster Foundation for Democracy Based in the United Kingdom, the Westminster Foundation funds a wide range of organizations and projects that aim to build pluralist, democratic institutions in Eurasia and Eastern Europe.  The website includes information about the type of projects that the foundation supports and examples of projects it has funded in each region.

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