KARAT Coalition


ul. Franciszkanska 18/20
00-205 Warszawa
E-mail: karat@waw.pdi.net

KARAT Coalition is a regional network among women's NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe. Its main aim is to promote and ensure de facto gender equality by promoting the Platform for Action of the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing (1995).

The present program of KARAT Coalition is about to begin preparation of DATA BASE ON PROJECTS running by women's NGOs from Central and Eastern Europe. The aim of the DATA BASE is to include the projects related to promotion and implementation of the Platform for Action.

Karat is interested in information on a present projects and projects already completed as well.

If you want your project(s) and organization to be included into this Data base - please, fill out the
Karat Coalition Questionnaire and send it by June 30, 1998 by post or E-mail using the information provided above.

Last updated:    May 1998

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