The Chief Information Computing Centre (GIVC) of The Russian Ministry of Culture Requests Sponsorship


D. Vinogradov, the Chief of the Fundraising Department GIVC
Ministry of Culture, Russia
Tel/Fax: +7095-267-6825
Tel: +7095-921-6717

The Chief Information Computing Centre (GIVC) of The Russian Ministry of Culture is looking for sponsorship to develop a project  for a united multitask high-speed bi-directional internet network, 'CultureNet'. They are interested in various forms of mutually advantageous cooperation--grants, charitable payments, investment, advertising, etc.

Problems which are solved by the creation of  'CultureNet'

Goal of the Project

Technically, the network 'CultureNet' will realize the principle of "encapsulated information".  In other words, the transfer of information in the form of a television signal ( in particular of the federal TV channel "Culture"). The TV channel "Culture" is broadcast in nearly every region of Russia. Users equipment will be established on computers, provided by GIVC, placed in public libraries and large museums. The program estimates that it will initially serve 230 users. 

The 'CultureNet' network project has found support and approval from the Russian Ministry of Culture. At the moment GIVC already has carried out the delivery of computers to regions and now the development of a remote file server is under way. The estimated cost of project completion is estimated to be US$180,000.

If you are interested in sponsoring this project, GIVC is prepared to answer any questions with detailed information.

Last updated:    May 2001

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