Hospital Abkhazeti Requests Assistance

U.S. Contacts:

Marianne H. Clark, U.K. School of Public Health
(phone/Lexington, Kentucky) 859-268-2321

Jeffrey K. Silverman, U.K. Graduate Studies in
Education/International Diplomacy & Law

Georgian Contacts:

Margarita Sarishvili, M.D.
(phone/Tbilisi, Georgia) 011 995 32 52-52-44

Marina Beriashvili, Ph.D., Director,
Women's Employment Innovative Center
(phone/Tbilisi, Georgia) (995 32) 38 77 10

Hospital Abkhazeti
(phone/Tbilisi, Georgia) 8-10 99522 934836

General Information:

Hospital Abkhazeti was first established in 1993 for refugees from Abkhazia, and is now serving refugees throughout the Caucasus. The hospital has 22 beds, a laboratory and a diagnostic room. Approximately 2000 surgical operations of varying degrees of severity have been performed philanthropically since 1996. In the last five years the hospital has been forced to depend more on treatment fees from non-refugee patients but this is still not enough for self-sustainability. The hospital receives no assistance from the Georgian government. There are a total of 38 refugee physicians, 13 nurses, and seven logistics staff members employed. The Hospital Abkhazeti consists of the following departments: Surgery, Urology, Gynecology, Cardiology, Therapeutics, and Endocrinology. The hospital administration is planning to open additional departments when funding is available. 

In providing full services it is necessary to open departments in Ophthalmology, Otorhinology, Psychoneurology and
Emergency Services. As the refugee return process is delayed and the socio-economic conditions are worsening, the number of diseases requiring emergent assistance and highly qualified treatment is gradually
rising. In the near future, the 240-bed Mukhuri sanatorium "Lugela" should be put into use in the Chkhorotsku region. The rehabilitation of this site also depends on funding. The intended recipients would include: Refugee children, bed-ridden war victims, disabled individuals that require rehabilitation, and diabetic children.

In the future the hospital would also like to employ farm assistants that work to support the sanatorium, rehabilitation workers for the hospital and sanatorium "Lugela".  The establishment of a fee-free polyclinic serving the local and regional population is also planned.

Immediate Needs:

Hospital Abkhazeti kindly requests assistance in obtaining new or used equipment and medical supplies for the hospital. The following equipment is urgently required:

Last updated:    May 2001

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