Youth Centre for Open Education and Culture, Rousse, Bulgaria  This organization is focused on the development of civil society and has organized the following programs: Civic Education, Ecological Education, Career Development, and Knowledge of the European Community.  They are seeking partners to develop these programs further. Posted May 31, 2001.

The Department of Physics and the Department of Mathematics, Karaganda State University, Kazakhstan The faculty at Karaganda State University are searching for a co-investigator to participate in the Cooperative Grant Program, administered by U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation (CRDF). To learn more about the CRDF visit  The proposed themes of the joint projects are optical material, power engineering, condensed matter, hydrodynamics, optics and spectroscopy, thermodynamics, quantum computing, and cryptography and modern analysis. If you are interested contact Apiyeva Dinara at the university's International Affairs Office. Posted May 30, 2001.

Brotherhood of Orphans Public Youth Organization A new non-profit organization established to support Ukrainian orphans seeks financial support. Posted April 26, 2001.

Centre for Critical Projects A new non-profit organization that is currently developing a project, titled "A creation of a cooperative network among young researchers, executives, and NGO-leaders for monitoring the human rights process in Lithuania".  They are seeking partners for intellectual exchange. 
Posted April 26, 2001.

International Alliance for Community Transitions (INTERACT) A non-profit corporation that specializes in the development and implementation of community based initiatives in the countries of Central Asia. INTERACT is always looking for partners to work with in the following areas: Education and Youth Development, Community Project and NGO Support, and Consultation and Implementation Services. Posted April 25, 2001.

Almaty City Pediatricians Association A Kazak Non-governmental organization is seeking partners in NGO and governmental institutions in order to implement the project "For the Healthy Genofund".  The aim of the project is to generate stable and positive health conditions for mother and child. Posted April 18, 2001.

The State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs announces the FY 2001 NIS College and University Partnerships Program (NISCUPP). NISCUPP supports institutional linkages between U.S. colleges or universities with counterparts from the New Independent States (of the Former Soviet Union) for the purpose of faculty development and curriculum development in selected disciplines which include: business, law, journalism, education, public administration, and the social sciences. The deadline to submit proposals for this competition is January 19, 2001. Application materials for NISCUPP can be found at: For further info, call Jonathan Cebra Senior Program Officer, Humphrey Fellowships and Institutional Linkages Branch, 202-619-4126.

Support needed The National Center for Problems of Healthy Lifestyle Development of Kazakhstan and the Association of Health Promoters seek technical/financial support. Posted July 5, 2000

Independent Bosnian Radio Station A freelance journalist from Bosnia and Herzegovina seeks a donor who will support the establishment of the independent and free Radio station Bosnia 2001. Posted June 26, 2000

Jizzak Polytechnical Institute, in Uzbekistan, seeks partners in education, tourism and job training. Posted June 16, 2000

Romanian NGO seeks assistance A Romanian NGO that provides dental care to those in need seeks support. Posted June 13, 2000

Seeking partners Perm Center Against Violence and Human Trafficking seeks partners. Posted June 13, 2000

Anti-corruption resources wanted Pro-Business Nord is looking for all sorts of information and resources about anti-corruption projects from other countries. Posted June 13, 2000

MiraMed needs suppliesThe MiraMed Independent Living & Social Adaptation Center is searching for donations of office, kitchen, and library supplies to conduct classes and counseling for orphans. Posted June 6, 2000

Rroma Mission Rroma Community Union "Rroma Mission" in Lithuania is seeking sponsors who could support education and charity projects for Rroma (Gypsy) community. Posted June 6, 2000

Human Rights Library in Georgia is in need of assistance in creating a documents center. Posted June 6, 2000

Peace & Charity House in St. Petersburg seeks partners Youth Cultural Center Peace and Charity House, St. Petersburg, Russia is seeking for youth organizations abroad to become partners and to realize mutual programs. Posted May 31, 2000

Armenian NGO seeks partners The Center for Development of Civil Society would like to make contacts. Posted May 17, 2000

Business Opportunity in Moscow American lawyer and former civil-society consultant in Russia seeks investment capital for a sustainable food-processing business in Moscow. Posted May 17, 2000

Krasnoyarsk MD Seeks IT Assistance to connect the separate medical programs available in Krasnoyarsk regional clinical hospital and Krasnoyarsk medical academy in uniform medical information system on the basis of network Internet/Intranet technologies. Posted May 11, 2000

Unvers A Belorussian exchange program, is seeking host organizations for Belorussian students wanting to come to the United States. Posted April 13, 2000

Assistance Needed: Kazakh Conservation Plan An organization in Almaty, Kazakhstan, which operates a noncommercial fund to promote environmental education and conservation and runs a parallel commercial adventure travel operation, has requested information leading to a solid plan for conservation in Almaty region. Posted March 28, 2000

The Center of Youth Initiatives is looking for a consultant who has experience in organizing campaigns. Posted March 13, 2000

Turkmenistan: Dashoguz Business Training Center is in need of educational materials and training support. Posted February 11, 2000

Publishing Proposal from a Victor Novack in Kostanay, northern Kazakhstan Posted January 10, 2000

Metsenaty, charitable fund in Chernigov, Ukraine seeks partners for international children's communication program Posted January 4, 2000

Assistance Needed in Vladimir, Russia, to start a nonprofit organization which will assist local people. Posted December 8, 1999

Kazakhstan Women's Information Network (KWIN), is searching for long-term contacts, partnership communications, training and exchange of experience. Posted December 8, 1999

Center for Societies in Crisis Studies (CSCS), is looking for cooperation in information exchange, joint research projects and consulting. Posted December 1, 1999

Center of the International Children's Correspondence, is searching for international partners to help get the Center, located in Ukraine, started. Posted November 12, 1999

The Innovation and Development Center, a Ukrainian organization, is currently looking for an American organization with 501(c)(3) status to act as a fiscal partner. Posted October 15, 1999

Baltupiu sviesa, an organisation in Vilnius, Lithuania, is developing a project titled "Youth for Europe". Posted October 15, 1999

DANA, a regional women's association in Mykolayiv, Ukraine, is seeking partners in Poland and the U.S. for an economic development project. Posted August 12, 1999

Children and Armed Conflict Unit, is looking for names and contact details of child-focused Armenian NGOs. Posted June 17, 1999

Renaissance "Vozrojdenie", an Uzbek NGO, is searching for partners for a tourism project. Posted June 17, 1999

International Antinuclear Movement- Nevada-Semipalatinsk, needs sponsors for travel expenses for travel and return for 100 persons from the Abai district to South Kazakstan, and food and medicine. Posted June 11, 1999

American International Health Alliance, Inc. (AIHA), in conjunction with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is pleased to announce the formation of twenty-one new partnerships between US health care institutions and their counterparts in the countries of the new Independent States of the former Soviet Union. Posted June 11, 1999

Youth Students' Organization Ukraine - seeking partnerships with student organizations in other countries. Posted April 9, 1999

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption (FRUA), an all-volunteer, 501 (c)(3) non-profit support, education and outreach organization comprised of families who have adopted from Russia, Ukraine, and neighboring countries, invites all those interested to help in fund-raising. Posted April 9, 1999

Collective Research for the Blind - HARTRON (Kharkiv, Ukraine) is seeking experts to explore new methods of printing materials for the blind. Posted November 3, 1998

"Help a Child" - Kharkov Municipal Charitable Society "Syntez" invites everyone to participate in its fundraiser on October 31, 1998 in Kharkov, Ukraine. Posted August 27, 1998

Dialogue, an information and analytical centre of social programmes in Irkutsk, Russia, seeks an exchange of expertise and assistance for a project it is doing to promote the institution of the family, especially through work with the media. Posted July 13, 1998

AIHA seeks potential partners for health care institutions in Eurasia Posted July 13, 1998

Disabled Advocacy Group in Nizhnii Novgorod Seeks Partners. Posted June 19, 1998

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