Eighth Annual US Education Fair in Moscow, Russia, October 5-6, 2001 The education fair is sponsored by the Moscow Education Information Center.  Early registration deadline and fee: July 15, 2001 / $550.  Final registration deadline and fee: August 10, 2001 / $600.  For registration forms and additional information, please visit Posted April 18, 2001

Modern Problems of Science and Education International Conference, Kharkov, Ukraine, June 27-July 4, 2001 Application and registration deadline: May 15, 2001.Posted April 18, 2001.

Seminar on Tolerance and Human Rights Education, Prague, May 17- 21 Tolerance, Respect and Human Rights 2001 seminar will be held in Prague on 17-21 May 2001. The seminar focuses on issues related to racism and discrimination in the post totalitarian countries in Europe (CEE) and South Africa and is targeted at educators. Posted January 31, 2001

Human Rights Conference--Ekaterinburg "The Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in Russia: Legal Norms, Judicial Actions, and Political Practice" to be held at the Ural State University of Yekaterinburg in early April 2001. Posted January 5, 2001

Internet Workshop In September 2000 there will be an international workshop- New forms of Inter-organizational Relations for Advanced Developing of Non-Profit Sector in Newly Independent States- will take place. Posted June 13, 2000

Virtual Conference for Women Entrepreneurs CIPE has launched the electronic dialogue as an introduction to the upcoming conference, "Women: The Emerging Economic Force," to be held in Washington, D.C., June 14-16, 2000. Posted June 13, 2000

Non-Military Security Threats, Central Asia & Caucasus The Manchester University Research Group on Central Asia and the Caucasus is holding this conference 31 May-1 June 2000 in Manchester, UK. Posted May 25, 2000

Civil Society: Electronic International Symposium The Centro de Estudios Internacionales para el Desarrollo (International Research Center for Development) has organized the Fifth Electronic International Symposium "Civil Society in the XXI Century" that will be held from June 1st to June 28th, 2000. Posted May 25, 2000

International Congress International Congress on the Evaluation of Crimes of Communism (ICECC)to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania, June 12-14, 2000. Posted May 9, 2000

Call for Papers: Civil Society, Modernization and Islam in Central Asia An exchange on problems of civil society formation in the Muslim regions of CIS, to be held June 6-8, 2000 in Bishkek. Posted May 2, 2000

Call for Papers: National Business and Economics Society (NBES) NBES invites the submission of papers for its second annual conference to be held February 28th through March 3rd, 2001 at the world-renowned Wyndham El San Juan Hotel and Casino in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Posted April 11, 2000

Party Finance And Corruption Call for papers for this conference, to be held October 27-29 in Riga, Latvia. Posted April 11, 2000

Partnering for Results The Johns Hopkins University, Institute for Policy Studies, Center for Civil Society Studies, is pleased to announce its next Partnering for Results Institute from June 5-8, 2000. Posted April 4, 2000

Seeking Civil Society: Environmental NGOs and the Caspian to be held May 3 at Columbia University. Posted April 4, 2000

Multicultural Education: Policy, Planning, Sharing On May 20-22 the Soros Foundation Kazakhstan, in the framework of the National Education Project and with the financial support of the East-East Network Program, is hosting this international conference. Posted April 4, 2000

Democracy and Religion The Central Asian Media Support project will be organizing this conference in Osh, Kyrghyzstan March 24-25, 2000. Posted March 13, 2000

International Experience: Developing the Civil Society in Russia Omsk State Pedagogical University, in cooperation with the Russian-American Academic Exchanges Alumni Association 'Professionals for Cooperation' hosts conference, June 23-24, 2000, Omsk, Russia. Posted March 13, 2000

Conference on Environment: St. Petersburg, Russia This conference, with the theme "Advances in Ecology and Environmental Safety", will take place June 14-16, 2000. Posted February 18, 2000

The Modern World And Human Rights In The Caucasus On February 23-25, 2000, in Batumi (Republic of Georgia), the 1st International Congress will be held. Posted January 21, 2000

Workshop: Delinquency Management and Setting Sustainable Interest Rates The Microfinance Center for CEE and the NIS announces the fourth edition of this 2-module training course, to be held March 20-24 in Krakow. Posted January 21, 2000

Partners in Education School Director Program The American Councils for International Education invites proposals from U.S. universities, institutes and colleges to develop and host a one-week citizenship education workshop program for twenty-four administrators from Russian and Ukrainian schools for the period September 22-30, 2000. Posted January 21, 2000

Environmental NGOs in the Caspian, May 2000 organized by Columbia University's Caspian Project. Posted January 5, 2000

International Experience: Developing the Civil Society in Russia will be held in Omsk, June 23-24, 2000. Posted November 3, 1999

St. Petersburg International Conference on "Local Councils as Subjects and Objects of Change--Actual Problems of Self-Governance," November 29 - 30, 1999. Posted October 15, 1999

Ninth International Session on Human Rights Education From November 29th to December 3rd, 1999, in Moscow. Posted October 15, 1999

Homelessness in Europe An international conference in Balatonfoldvar, Hungary, October 28-30, 1999. Posted August 13, 1999

Association of Ukrainian Taxpayers Forum This forum for non-governmental organizations involved in protection of taxpayers' rights in Central and Eastern Europe will take place on November 19-21, 1999 in Kyiv. Posted June 28, 1999

Fourth International Conference of the International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) The conference will take a critical look at the development of the sector across the globe and the contribution it is making to human welfare and democratic life. Posted June 10, 1999

Meeting of CIVICUS Members in Europe In order to co-ordinate and finalise European preparations for the CIVICUS World Assembly, it was agreed to organise a meeting of CIVICUS members in Europe. The meeting will be held June 13, 1999 in Budapest. Posted June 10, 1999

Investment Policies and Legal Harmonization in European Trade The conference, which primarily focuses on the legal aspects of the political and economic transition in Central and Eastern Europe, will be held in Berlin from the 7th-10th October 1999. Posted June 10, 1999

Youth International Environmental Forum Informal youth organizations of Siberia offer to meet on the unique Lake Baikal to discuss ways of world development in the new millenium, Irkutsk, Russia, 5-8 August, 1999. Posted June 3, 1999

"Culture of Non-Violence Is the Future of Humanity" This scientific and practical conference will be held from September 27-30, 1999 at the Academy for Upgrading Professional Standards and Retraining of Educators, Moscow, Russia. Posted May 21, 1999

"Diversity within Unity: Civil Society and Human Community" -will be held in Prague from the 2nd-6th August 1999. Posted May 21, 1999

"Building for a Sustainable Future" A report from the recent conference in Azerbaijan on health and the environment in the Caspian Basin. Posted May 4, 1999

St. Petersburg International Conference Call for papers and participants for a conference on "Parliaments as Agents and Objects of Change." Conference dates: June 28 - July 1, 1999. Deadline: May 10, 1999. Posted April 30, 1999

World Bank Conference on Gender Issues - in Washington DC, June 7-8. Posted April 23, 1999

CEEMAN/RABE Joint International Conference "Assessing Management Training Needs in CEE Countries." The conference will disseminate the findings and conclusions of a recent research study, conducted by CEEMAN, encompassing more than 70 companies and about 1000 managers from five countries in the region: Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Russia and Slovenia. Conference dates: June 3-5, 1999. Posted April 23, 1999

CEU-HESP Fourth Regional Seminar on Gender & Culture The Program on Gender & Culture and the Higher Education Support Program announces its Fourth Regional Seminar "Women in Literature and the Arts:Ten Years After the Changes" Deadline: June 15, 1999. Posted April 23, 1999

IDC Case Study Curriculum Exchange Program - The purpose of the Summer School is to familiarize faculties of leading educational institutions in Eastern Europe with the teaching tool Case Study Method, and involve them in developing local Case Studies which can be widely distributed among institutions across the region. Deadline: June 15, 1999. Posted April 12, 1999

Ten Years After 1989: Eastern and Central Europe's Road to the New World - the Hungarian Sociological Association's Memorial Conference dedicated to social studies of the First Decade in the Post-Socialist transformation process; September 22-24, 1999 at the Hungarian Academy's headquarters in Budapest, Hungary. Posted April 9, 1999

"Children's Response to the Aral Sea Problem" sponsored by Perzent, the Karakalpak Center for Reproductive Health and Environment. Conference date: August 1999. Posted December 8, 1998

Past Conferences

Information about conferences can be useful long after the event actually passes. Many conference organizers publish findings or speeches which were given during the conference. This information is often available within a few months of the conference. If you are interested in the topic but the conference has passed, try contacting the organizers directly and see if they have any publications available.

US Educational Fair, Moscow, March 26-27 - The sixth annual US Educational Fair sponsored by the Moscow EAC. Posted January 25, 1999

Dr. Zviad K. Gamsakhurdia, his memory and 60th anniversary - an international conference in Tbilisi, Georgia, March 29-31, 1999. Deadline for registration: February 28, 1999. Posted January 12, 1999

Man in the System of Sustainable Development of Society: Reality and New Vision - a conference in Minsk sponsored by the Belarussian Research Center of Gender Problems. Conference dates: March 22-28, 1999. Posted December 22, 1998

"Infomercials: Form and Function"- a Magee Womancare International training course for NGO managers on the collaborative development and use of infomercials. Conference dates: January 18-20 (Russian Far East); January 22-24 (Central Russia and Siberia). December 17, 1998

Conference on labor unions and post-communist transformation Entitled "The Current State and the Developmental Perspectives of Labor Unions and Industrial Relations." Proposals are now being accepted for a four day seminar that will lay the groundwork for the main conference to be held in Berlin in 1999. Posted February 24, 1998

Global and Local Socio-Economic Processes in the North an international scientific conference in Apatity, Russia, March 18-21, 1999. Deadline for registration: December 25, 1998 November 30, 1998

The 8th International Session on Human Rights Education, December 15-19, 1998, Moscow. Posted August 27, 1998

NGO Working Group on Conflict Management Meeting in Moscow, November 27-28, 1998. November 9, 1998

Media and Conflict in the Transcaucasus in Moscow, November 14-15, 1998. Deadline for registration: November 2, 1998 October 30, 1998

Biodiversity of Dniester River in Kishinev, Moldova, November 6-7, 1998. Deadline for registration: October 1, 1998 September 23, 1998

Call for papers for a conference on The Right Conditions for the Development of Non-Profit Organizations at the University of Parma, Italy, February 18-19, 1999. Deadline: November 9, 1998 September 16, 1998

Woman and Earth's 2nd Annual World Women's and Ecological Conference, Film Festival and Expo Helsinki Finland December 8-10, 1998 Posted June 29, 1998

Education and Civic Culture in Post-Communist Societies, the fifteeenth annual conference of the Study Group on Education in Russia, the Independent States and Eastern Europe, to be held in London, November 13-14, 1998. Call for Papers - Deadline: June 22, 1998. Posted June 9, 1998

Women's Issues Conference in Ukraine Entitled "International Seminar on Woman and Power: Political and Legal Aspects of Feminism." Scheduled for November 22-28, 1998 in Yalta. Posted February 26, 1998

"Local Community as a Base of Self-Government" conference in Donetsk, Ukraine, October 8-11, 1998. Posted August 31, 1998

Outlook for Freedom, Privacy and Civil Society on the Internet in Central and Eastern Europe, September 4-6, 1998, Budapest. Posted July 14, 1998

"Democratic Consolidation: The International Dimension. Hungary, Poland and Spain," September 25-26, 1998, Vienna Posted July 10, 1998

Regional Grassroots Leadership Workshops for Belarusan and Russian Women in October 1998, sponsored by League of Women Voters Education Fund. Deadline: July 31, 1998. Posted July 3, 1998

"Genocide of the Peoples in the Caucasus" international conference in Tbilisi, Georgia, 28-29 October, 1998. Abstracts are due July 31, 1998. Posted July 3, 1998

Environmentally Sound Housing in Siberia, conference in Novosibirsk, September 29 - October 2, 1998. Organized by Ecodom. Posted June 4, 1998

Deep Ecology Camp in Ukraine, July 3-16. Sponsored by AHALAR Center in Chernigov. Deadline for signing up: June 10. Posted May 19, 1998

Downside Up Walk-a-Thon in Moscow, May 31st, to raise awareness of Down syndrome and to support community-based education services for Down syndrome children. Posted May 19, 1998

International conference on human rights in Samara, Russia, June 9-12, 1998. Posted May 1, 1998

Second Ukrainian Summer School on Gender Studies Conference title: "Gender Studies: Feminist Methodology in Social Sciences." Topics include: feminist theory, comparative feminism, philosophy of feminism, feminist cultural studies and the history of feminism. To be held in Foros, Crimea, Ukraine June 1-21, 1998. Deadline for applying to teach at the conference or attend: May 1, 1998. Posted April 30, 1998

"Russia will help its Children: The First All-Russian Forum of Non-governmental Organizations Acting in the Interests of Children" The forum, which is being organized by by The International Foundation for Mother and Child Health Care, will be a roundtable discussion aimed at combining various societal efforts towards the improvement of the status of children. Posted April 23, 1998

Freedom and Privacy on the Internet in Central and Eastern Europe tentatively scheduled for September 4-6, 1998 in Budapest. Posted April 15, 1998

"The Outlook for Freedom and Privacy on the Internet in Central and Eastern Europe" September 4-6, 1998 (tentative), Budapest, Hungary. The goal of the conference is to identify threats to human rights online, explore public policy solutions which support basic freedom of expression and privacy, and to build common cause between NGOs and the emerging Internet industry. Posted April 9, 1998

"Forest Pollution: New Work in the Evaluation of Risk and Perspectives for the Future" June 24-28, 1998 in Kiev. The conference will focus on crucial issues connected with heavy metal and radiation contamination in forests, including forest management, methods of preventing pollution, and evaluation of negative impacts on forest ecosystems. Presented by Harvard University, the International Union of Radiation Ecology, and the Institute of Radiation Ecologists. Posted April 7, 1998

"The Internet and Economics Education and Research" organized by the Economics Education and Research Consortium Master's Program in Economics at the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy." Kyiv, Ukraine, April 23-24, 1998. Posted March 30, 1998

International Campaign to Ban Landmines Conference in Budapest, Hungary, on 26-28 March 1998. Posted March 26, 1998

Summer Ecological School in Kharkiv, Ukraine, July 20 - August 10, 1998 Posted March 16, 1998

Political Seminar and Election Observation in Moscow. The International Discussion Club (based in Moscow) is organizing a project to monitor the Duma by-elections in Moscow, April 12, 1998. Posted March 13, 1998

Conference on Youth to be held in Ukraine Entitled "International Seminar on Youth Initiatives on the Boundary of Centuries: Traditional Values, Legal State, & Civil Society." Scheduled for May, 4 - 10, 1998 Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine. Posted February 26, 1998

International Conference on Religion and Politics in Yalta, Ukraine Entitled "Interconfessional Communications and Political Technologies in the Age of Post-communism." Scheduled for September, 28 - October, 4, 1998. Posted February 26, 1998

ILIAC Workshops on Russian Internet Issues "Russian Resources on the Internet" and "Cyrillic Support: Problems and New Solutions" will be held at ILIAC headquarters in Washington D.C. on March 4-5, 1998. Posted February 20, 1998

Women's conference in Ukraine: "Understanding for Democracy" Organized by the Kharkiv Women's Club, Miroslava. The conference is intended to promote a unified understanding of the present and future position of women and to develop international partnerships between women's organizations. Application deadline: September 1,1998 Posted February 12, 1998

Women's Film Festival in St. Petersburg in June or July 1998. Festival theme:"The Woman's Vision of Love." Posted February 3, 1998

Conference: Regional Factors in Organization Managment and the Process of European Integration to examine the role of organisations in the process of European integration, and to highlight regional factors and their influence on the development of organisations. Held in Lithuania September 1998. Posted January 26, 1998

Call for papers- Napier University/Jagiellonian University Seminar in Journalism "The Profession of Journalism in a Democratic Society, East-West Perspectives" Conference to be held September 4-5, 1998. Deadline for submissions: April 1, 1998. Posted January 20, 1998

Conference on Private Law in Russia Titled "Private Law Regulation: Legislation and Its Use in Practice" being held 20-22 May, 1998 at the Urals State University of Economics in Ekaterinburg. Those interested in participating in the Conference are invited to submit papers or theses on topics related to private and business law. Posted January 20, 1998

Canada-US Human Rights and Documentation Network Conference on "Sharing the Tools: Technologies for Human Rights." Includes lectures and training sections on using the Internet for human rights work. To be held in Washington D.C. May 1-3, 1998. Posted January 13, 1998

Call for papers--Soyuz Symposium at Columbia University Papers sought for The Seventh Annual Symposium on Cultural Studies of Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Main themes of the symposium include the concepts of cultural ruination and regeneration. To be held at Columbia University, March 27-28, 1998. Reposted January 5, 1998

Call for Papers Society, Language & Culture in Post-Soviet Union & Eastern Europe Changes in day-to-day life combined with the removal of state control over literature and the press have affected the way the people of these nations write and the way they read. This reflect in the pages of the newspaper, spheres of art and life. To be held at Texas Tech University, April 2-4, 1998. Reposted January 5, 1998.

Call for Papers: Past, Present and Future of Russia This third annual conference brings together Russia and the West to discuss Russian history, analyze the current situation, and discuss the future of democratic reforms. To be held at George Washington University, May 29-30, 1998. Posted November 19, 1997

Call for papers on Economics and Social Transition for the International Society for the Study of European Ideas (ISSEI) Conference. To be held in Israel, 16-21 August, 1998. Posted August 1, 1997

Russian Feminist/Ecological NGO to hold Conference in Saint Petersburg The Woman and Earth Global Eco-Network is holding a conference in Saint Petersburg on December 8-10, 1997. The conference's theme is "Women: Personal is Political, Local is Global." Posted October 21, 1997

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