Welcome. Come in and browse a bit of our work. The perspective renderings and plan views that follow were produced by student participants in Bosnia Network studio classes and workshops dealing with urban planning issues related to the reconstruction of specific areas of Sarajevo, such as the Riverfront and "Sniper Alley," and an orphanage in the city.

Students at all the many schools at which the Bosnia Network is active have continually impressed us with their creativity and talent. Their work is evidence of their professionalism and strong commitment to their chosen field. They and their professors are to be commended. Clearly, landscape architecture in America has much to look forward to from its next generation.

We will be continually expanding the size and number of our portfolios over time. Our goal in future is to include more color submissions (some of our best work). Unfortunately, reducing the graphics to a size that can be quickly downloaded often compromises the clarity of the original.

Stay tuned--we're working on it.

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Portfolio One: The Sarajevo Riverfront

Portfolio Two: An Orphanage in Sarajevo

Portfolio Three: Sniper Alley (Sarajevo Boulevard)

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