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Additional Resources

BosniaLink: Current Defense Department info on Operation Joint Endeavor

The U.S. State Department's Bosnia Information Home Page (UI-Chicago)

The Central and Eastern Europe Business Information Center (U.S. Dept. of Commerce).

A Roadmap of B-H and Croatia, Searchable by Place Names (FAMU).

The Bosnia Home Page at Cal Tech

The Bosnia Virtual Field Trip at George Mason University

Cartography Resources on the Web (from GMU)

The Army Handbook on Yugoslavia (1993)

An Overview of European Info and Sources on Bosnia-Herzegovina (Netherlands)

Amnesty International Country Reports 1994

B-H and Croatia Info Page (Finland)

Napredak On-line, documenting the history of Bosnian Croats

Destruction of Libraries In B-H (Middle East Studies Association)

Pictures of Mostar

General Information on Islam and Moslems

Pop Art from Sarajevo (by TRIO)

How to Communicate with the Former Yugoslavia (Zamir Telenet)

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Jews Against Genocide--The New York Committee to Save Bosnia

Conflict Resolution Links

Imaging Techniques (The Department of Photography and Instructional Graphics, UAB)

NATO Gopher Site

The American Committee to Save Bosnia Home Page

Daily CNN Bosnia Coverage

The UN Gopher

SAGE (Students Against Genocide) Home Page

The Bosnia Help Page

The Perry-Castaneda Library Collection of Bosnia Maps (UT-Austin)

Conservation OnLine: Resources for Conservation Professionals (Stanford)

Query Sarajevan Journalists Directly on Reconstruction and Other Issues.

Sarajevo On Line: Full Access to Bosnian Media

UN Commission of Experts on the Former Yugoslavia Home Page, containing a Final Report on war crimes.

Destruction Documented: See the Lists of Religious Sites Destroyed or Damaged by Aggression.

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