How Your School Can Qualify as an Institutional Member
of the Global Network for Rebuilding

The Global Network for Rebuilding will provide the software, training, database, and technical support that will make it possible for instructors and students alike to obtain training and develop their GIS skills. As a network we can share a database and work on projects together. GNR will provide a database for Bosnia and exciting projects that will inspire students to realize their potential personally and professionally.


The Global Network for Rebuilding has a wealth of resources, including the personal equity of excellent advisors, instructors and students who have been attracted to our mission. But we must be able to cover overhead costs if we are to be able to continue that mission.

For the price of $1,000 our Institutional Member colleges will receive a variety of valuable services, including the software, training, and class support mentioned above.


1. GIS software valued at approximately $20,000 will be available to the university for one year. This software will be available each year to our Institutional members. The software: bundled single licenses for ArcView, ARC/INFO, ArcCAD, and others which could include ERMAPPER, are the best in the field.

2. GIS training valued at approximately $1,750 will be provided to teach instructors how to use the software. ESRI, Inc. has agreed to donate an intensive two-day Introduction to ArcView class followed by an intensive three-day Introduction to ARC/INFO class to be held in Birmingham during the week of August 4, 1997.

3. Database support for the GIS class at your university. GNR will supply a database and other materials for the class. A project including a database is essential in order for the class to be able to practice using the software. In working as a network, we will be able to help each in finding solutions to technical problems, thus maintaining a high learning curves

4. Any visits for lecturing or studio classes will be at a 50% discount to that charged universities who are not Institutional Members.

5. Institutional Members will be recognized for their important role in the work of the consortium.

You can contact us through email, or by phone at (205) 933-2159.

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