"Stake-out" Day

Conditions :

  1. The "Stake-out" usually occurs the day of or the day before holes are drilled. Immediate drilling increases the probability that children will not remove stakes/staubs or play/fall in marked area. Likewise, for safety reasons, drilled holes must be filled immediately with specified poles and secured.

  2. The "Stake-out" can be done as soon as:

  3. The "Stake-out" process takes about 3 hours. Two crews will be needed to assist designer; one will drive stakes. One from this crew must be present the day holes are drilled and poles are installed to monitor process.

Bring the following items:

  1. 110 (104 holes total) -1/2"x1"x 8" to 12" long pointed wood stakes (surveyor staubs OK).

  2. 40" string

  3. Black felt-tipped pen (to mark hole depth & angle on stakes)

  4. 2 - 25' tape measures

  5. 2 - 50' tape measures

  6. 5 lb. hammer or sledge to drive stakes into ground

  7. Copy of design packet, clip board, &pencil to make notes

  8. Gloves; sunscreen