Ideas in Playground Building for Needful Communities

The Global Network for Rebuilding recognizes the need for children to play, even the children of poor and devastated communities. It is their right.

We wish to make available information that can assist individuals, communities, military units, municipalities and NGOs in utilizing available construction materials (e.g., sand, gravel, lumber, rope, chain, spare rubber tires, tube and hose) and equipment (e.g., backhoe, drilling rigs, hand tools) to brighten and enrich the lives of children who have so little.

Read Dr. Tom Jambor's article, A Playground Raising, and learn how community participation in building a playground can strengthen ties between neighbors and generations. Dr. Jambor is a noted teacher, lecturer and author on playground design, construction and safety issues, and on children's development through the play process.

See sample designs of various playscape structures. Examples include a typical swing set, a fort, horizontal & vertical climbers, balance beam connections, and various tire configuration designs.

PLEASE NOTE: The designs on this site are displayed as examples only. While these designs might meet Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines (the CPSC guidelines are presently considered the U.S. standard for playground safety) they might not meet accepted standards in your locale nor be suitable for your particular use. A safe playground requires (1) planning and construction overseen by a professional (e.g., landscape architect, building contractor, or child development specialist with design and building background) responsible for designing the general environment and chosen play structures, taking into account age appropriateness and intended use, (2) regular maintenance checks, and (3) timely repair and upgrade. GNR and its affiliates accept no responsibility in regard to these functions and no liability related to the performance thereof.

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