General Notes

  1. All tire-to-tire bolt connections must have a double nut or a lock nut.

  2. If available, substitute large fender washers or large utility company washers for the 5/8" washers listed on designs.

  3. All above-ground tires must have a 1 1/2 - 2" drain hole. Do not expose wire in steelbelted tires. Consult with designer.

  4. Fill designated pole and post holes with concrete to 4" below ground line; fill remainder of hole with dirt after concrete sets and tamp down.

  5. All exposed hardware must be rustproof (e.g. galvanized, plated)

  6. All tires installed are to be like new - i.e. full tread and sturdy; seek tires from manufacturers who are discarding new tires that are considered rejects.

  7. Ground Cover: Have delivered after poles/posts are secured in the ground. Distribute selected groundcover within designated areas. Be sure ground cover isn't put where digging still needs to be done (e.g. trenches).

  8. Remove grass, or use a chemical spray to kill it, under areas designated for ground cover (if needed). Do this only after the perimeter is marked off for the designated area.

  9. Fort Preparation: To ensure completion of this project on construction weekend it will be necessary to frameout all deck levels beforehand. Project foreman should talk this over with the designer on "stake-out" day.