Playscape Design #3

with Photos and Plans of Sample Structures

( = photo, = plans w/ materials list, = separate materials list, = notes)
A Note: on printing or saving plan () images from screen.

1. Fort

2. Tri-swivel Swing Unit

3. 6-Tire Net w/ Rope Attachments

4. Rope Attachment

5. Large Tire Obstacle
6. Tire Mountain and Tunnels

7. Moving Balance

8. Tire Circle

9. Single Balance

10. Triple Balance
Beam Sequence "A"

11. Triple Balance Beam
Sequence "B"

12. Quad Balance Beam 13. Quint Balance Beam
14. Horizontal Ladder Obstacle 15. Tire Wall Obstacle
16. Tire Trail Speed Bump 17. Tire Trail Segment
18. Rope Combinations 19. Benches 20. Proposed Planting Areas

See Playscape Plan #3 rendered at120 dpi resolution suitable for printing 8"w x 11"h.

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