Playscape Design #1

with Photos of Sample Structures
and Plans Suitable for Printing

= photo, = plans w/ materials list, = separate materials list, = notes

1. Fort

2. 12-tire Net

3. Tire Mountain and Tunnels

4. 6-Tire Net

5. Tire Tree Forest

6. Moving Balance Beams

7. Tire Trail Speed Bump

8. Horizontal Ladder

9. Six-Swing Unit

10. Vertical Ladder

11. Vertical Rope
and Launch

12. Balance Beam

13. Tire Trail Segment

14. Horizontal Ropes
and Chain Segments

15. Swag Rope
(in b.g.)

16. Picnic Tables

17. Sitting Benches

18. Personalized Kids Wall

19. Buffer Trees 20. Outer Perimeter Bushes and Flowers
21. Children's Gardens 22. Interior Green Islands

See Playscape Plan #1 rendered at120 dpi resolution suitable for printing 8"w x 11"h.

We also have work sheets from this actual playscape construction project, including:

"Stake-Out" Day
Construction Crew Assignments
Construction Weekend Schedule
Central Supply/Additonal Materials
Additional Tools, Machinery & Stuff
General Construction Notes
General Maintenance Review Points
Weekly Playscape Safety Inspection Record

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