Construction Crew Assignment

Construction Date:____________Starting Time: 7:00 a.m. (Please be on time)

Project: #2 - 12 Tire Net

Number of Crew needed: 4

Foreman: ________________________Phone(s)_________________________





Tools Required (check off Item):

____ Tape Measures
____ Levels
____ Chain Saw
____ Hacksaw or power tool to cut threaded rod
____ Electrical Cords
____ Solid Cylinder 1 & 1/2" Hole Saw
____ 2 Socket Wrench Sets with Extension Arms
____ Step Ladders: 6' and 10'
____ Shovel and Dirt Rake
____ Safety Goggles (pair for each crew member operating power equipment)
____ Heavy Duty Drill and 1/2" Bit (for tires)
[special drill & bits will be available from central source for pole holes]

* Unless indicated, all project materials will be at the construction site by starting time. The Foreman and Crew are responsible for hand tools and electrical cords. Remember, it is better to bring too many tools than not have what might be needed.

* Meals & snacks provided to all workers. Breakfast served at 7 a.m.