Central Supply / Additional Materials

Ground Cover: Area to be covered=approx.120'x120' (depth noted below)

To accommodate wheelchairs, walkers,etc., and ADA guidelines, the following 3 layer ground cover is recommended:

(literature on this ground cover system provided in playground packet)

If serving physically handicapped children is not a school consideration, a quality pea gravel could be used (see designer for specifics).

Railroad Ties: Estimated total = 282 ties @ 8' lengths (approx.)

RailRoad ties must be of good quality, but not new or with wet creosote.

Alternative Material: Treated 6"x6" (or larger if available) beams.

Ties (or Beams) will be used as a border to differentiate 3 areas--

Attachment / securing alternatives (the 1st is preferred)

  1. Attach with rebar. Predrill holes at two outer points in each tie. Insert and drive 3/8" or 1/2" diameter rebar to secure.
    If Rebar used: 482 - @ 30" length; 82 - @ 18" length
  2. Attach 7"x16" strips of thin gauge (1/8-1/4") non-steel reinforced conveyor belt across butting ends of ties with 12p nails. Discuss method with designer as needed.
    If Converyor Belt used: 764 pcs

Concrete: 115 - 80 lb. bags

Easiest way to manage the process of properly setting each pole is to use a Ready-Mix concrete. Ready-Mix allows the crew to work at their own pace. If ground is moist, pour dry into holes; it will set with ground moisture only.