A Peaceful Mobilization

The best hope for sustainable peace in Bosnia will be found in a recovery plan that takes into account how the people might best live on the land. American land planners have the technical skills to provide mapping that ensures the crucial human dimension will not be absent from regional planning for a new Bosnia.

It will require the combined talents of regional and urban planners working in co-ordination with knowledgeable sources both in and out of government, with students providing the necessary man-hours to produce the end product.

We are presently reviewing ways in which to put the various resources of network-affiliated schools to work in an organized manner, in order to produce regional planning materials on both the micro and macro levels on topics specific to each school (see Regional Planning). In this way, both the participants and recipients of our work will benefit from a growing information pool that can be exchanged among all concerned and built upon over time.

This new paradigm of "peaceful mobilization"--wherein brain power from academia and the private sector is leveraged, to productive ends, with the data collection and logistical capabilities of government and multilateral agencies--can be expanded to address the needs of devastated communities worldwide, on a case by case basis.

What better way to teach a new generation of land planning professionals the value of their skills? We might all learn something along the way.

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