GNR Aids US Army Engineers in Kosovo

You can help

We encourage you to participate in our distance design assistance for schools in Kosovo. The areas where you can make a contribution include (1) playground design, (2) site plans for courtyards, patios and paving, and (3) exterior signage design.

You can view/download photos, plans views and preliminary sketches of three Kosovo school projects at our anonymous ftp site. And you can upload your designs to the /ideas folder corresponding to each school.

We also have a forum at that we invite you to join. There you can discuss design issues relevant to the project and ask questions of instructors, experts and those knowledgeable of the site in Kosovo.

The ftp site can also be easily accessed through your Web browser by typing in the Location line atop the browser screen above.

With a browser you can download individual graphics or text files. First, click to view the file. Then, pull down your browser's File menu and click on Save As... to indicate the folder to which you wish to download the file.

To download batches of files, you can use an ftp utility (such as WS_FTP LE 5.06 from Ipswitch). Set it to Host Name:, User ID: anonymous, Password: your email address. Then set Remote Host: to /admin/gnr/.

The playground locations have been identified, but no detail design has been completed. We want your help.

On Thursday, September 23, I visited with the children at two schools. We had a wonderful time drawing their visions of the ideal playground. I showed them pictures of the usual playground equipment, including seesaws, monkey bars, slides, sandboxes, playhouses, forts, bridges, tunnels to crawl through, etc. After looking at the children's pictures I saw that all these activities are desirable. The most common drawings included basketball for the boys and houses for the girls. Both genders like the swings, slides, climbing bars, and seesaws.

We are looking for any ideas, especially things that can be built locally with the materials on base, which include tires, lumber (in small amounts), culvert-size cement pipes, iron pipe, ropes, dirt moving, sand, gravel, etc.

I want your participation because I do not have much experience with playground design and I would like to involve as many people as possible in this new way of assisting communities through distance design on the Internet.

In Kosovo I met with leading architects, government planners, and university professors who proved very helpful. We are collecting good GIS data for Kosovo that will be available in future in digital form for regional planning and reclamation studies. Together, we can improve our ability to help others through the skills we learn as designers.

You are participating in one of the first of many distance design assistance projects that will greatly improve the ability of designers to serve humanity through collaborative techniques using advanced communication. Thanks again for your interest.

Jay Craig

GNR and noted childhood development expert Tom Jambor have teamed up to bring you The Playscape Project. Learn how a community can bond in the process of building an affordable playground. Featuring sample designs and sound advice from a veteran organizer of over 150 playground raisings!

Many thanks to the University of Washington Health Science Center for Educational Resources and its director, Jim Barrett, for most graciously provding ftp server space.

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