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The Global Network for Rebuilding is a nonprofit, interfaith network of concerned professionals formed to help plan the rebuilding of devastated communities through the application of urban design techniques. We seek the assistance of those in allied fields--students, instructors and practicing landscape architects, urban planners, engineers and cartographers--whose goodwill, resources and expertise might be mobilized today to make a better tomorrow for the most needful populations.

January 1, 2000 - March 30, 2000:

Register to participate in
an international design competition
involving renewal of a vital sector of Sarajevo's historic urban core.
150,000 DM in prizes.

Deadline August 15, 2000


GNR and noted childhood development expert Tom Jambor team up to bring you The Playscape Project. Learn how a community can bond in the process of building an affordable playground. Featuring sample designs and sound advice from a veteran organizer of over 150 playground raisings!

December 27-30, 1999: The Global Network for Rebuilding hosted academic affiliates at a four-day GIS software training symposium in Birmingham, Alabama sponsored by ESRI, Inc. An intensive Introduction to ArcView was followed by an Introduction to ARC/INFO. The class was a prelude to ongoing projects focusing on Kosovo.

September, 1999 - Kosovo: The Global Network for Rebuilding initiated ongoing design assistance in collaboration with volunteers from the 94th Combat Engineer Battalion (Heavy) of the US Army and local designers in site planning and playground design for schools under renovation in the American zone of Kosovo. See photos and learn how you can participate.

Read a firsthand account of our Kosovo work in a newspaper article written for the October 17 Birmingham News.

Fall Semester, 1999-Winter Semester, 2000: For the fifth consecutive year, The Global Network for Rebuilding will offer lectures, workshops, classes and thesis project support for graduate and undergraduate student participants in our projects. If you or your school might be interested, contact us.

March 26, 1999: GNR Founding Director Jay Craig spoke on "New Opportunies in the Field of Community Revitalization" at the LABASH convocation of North American landscape architecture students hosted by members attending the University of Kentucky in Lexington.

August 3-7, 1998: GNR hosted a GIS software training class in Birmingham, Alabama donated by ESRI, Inc. An intensive two-day Introduction to ArcView was followed by an intensive three-day Introduction to ARC/INFO attended by students and instructors from seven different institutions. It was the second consecutive year that we were able to offer this valuable training to our affiliates. Many thanks to ESRI and their fine trainers Mike Rhoades and Jim Wojcik. Read an interview with training class participant Lutfi Kapidzic of Sarajevo's Institute of City Planning. Over the next year we will work with Lutfi in creating mapping projects for American students that will help initiate Sarajevo's municipal GIS library.

March, 1998: Founding Director Craig presented at the LABASH convocation of North American landscape architecture students at West Virginia University and gave a workshop highlighting conflict resolution issues in Bosnia and the ways overlay mapping can be used to identify problem areas.

January 16-18, 1998: Avondale residents hosted an inner-city neighborhood workshop in Birmingham, including instructors from VPI and Alabama A&M, and design studio students from VPI.

Fall Semester, 1997-Winter Semester,1998: The Global Network for Rebuilding offered lectures, workshops, classes and thesis project support for student participants in our projects.

September-October, 1997: A USAID grant (proposed by Dr. David Johnson of UT-Knoxville) enabled ten Bosnian hydroelectric engineers to study with the Tennessee Valley Authority. The proposal was an outgrowth of Dr. Johnson's trip to Bosnia in June on behalf of GNR projects.

Fall, 1997: GISDATA in Ljubljana, Slovenia, area rep for ESRI, provided donated training for fourteen Sarajevan planners from a variety of agencies and institutions. Software given to Sarajevo's Institute of City Planning and the University of Sarajevo's Department of Architecture mirrors that available to North American participants in Global Network for Rebuilding projects focused on Bosnia.

September, 1997: GNR Director Craig addressed the Conference of Educators of Landscape Architecture (CELA).

August 4-8, 1997: GNR hosted GIS software training classes donated by ESRI to twelve Network participants from seven instituions. An intensive three-day Introduction to ArcView class was followed by an intensive two-day Introduction to ARC/INFO class in Birmingham.

May 15-June 4, 1997: GNR staff traveled to Bosnia to collect site data and assist personnel of GISDATA, Inc. in planning software training of Sarajevan land planners.

March, 1997: ESRI donated ten product licenses for ArcView and ARC/INFO and ArcCAD, for use in schools participating in GNR projects. Find out how your school can qualify!

February, 1997: Leading GIS software provider ESRI, Inc. pledged software for Bosnian land planners affiliated with the Institute for City Planning-Sarajevo and the University of Sarajevo.

January 24-27,1997: The Global Network for Rebuilding and the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Consortium hosted a workshop entitled "Bosnia and Beyond" at Virginia Tech's Alexandria Center.

A quick photo tour
depicting the many faces of Bosnia,
and the challenges she faces
on the road to recovery.


English LA student Lindsay Cordall's MA thesis, THE ROLE OF THE LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT IN THE REBUILDING OF A WAR-TORN CITY, comparing Sarajevo's rebuilding challenges with those of Coventry and Beirut.

The first chapter of our handbook, STRATEGIES FOR REBUILDING: SARJEVO AND BEYOND, a fascinating thesis on historic Sarajevo by Carel Bertram (Art History, UCLA), featuring illustrations by the late Turkish architect, Tuna Alp.

Student work from Terry Clements' undergrad design studio class at VPI, which participated in our January workshop focusing on the Avondale neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama. The workshop explored exciting strategies for revitalizing inner-city neighborhoods. Area residents and businessmen joined with students and instructors from GNR-affiliates Virginia Tech and Alabama A&M to pool their knowledge and resources. Read about the workshop and its goals in an article from the Sunday, January 25, 1998 Birmingham News.

Don't forget to visit The Studio, where uploaded samples of earlier student work is on display!


Our article on Kosovo: Why intervening is right, from the Sunday, April 24, 1999 edition of The Birmingham News.

We are all better off as members of one family, an article from the Sunday, January 24, 1999 Birmingham News.

A recent newsletter containing the text of James Craig's address to CELA, entitled "Planning for Peace"; "Why?" a Bosnian soldier's poem; articles describing Virginia Tech's and ESRI's extensive work with GNR. And there's more!

GNR Director Jay Craig's article, "Sarajevo: halftime in the Super Bowl of horrors?" published in the Sunday July 6, 1997 Birmingham News.

"On the road to Sarajevo" published in the Sunday June 8, 1997 Birmingham News, including photos from Medugorje and Mostar.

For additional eyewitness accounts and compelling images of conditions in Bosnia, see Jay's June, 1996 dispatch from Sarajevo to the Birmingham News and a followup commentary article.


Our extensive Additional Resources page includes a link to The Central and Eastern Europe Business Information Center (U.S. Dept. of Commerce), where you can find out the latest news on project funding and employment opportunities concerning reconstruction and development in the former Yugoslavia.

For an educational and inspirational experience, use our link to The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute pages.


A Letter from our Founder upon his return from besieged Sarajevo in 1994 to start the Bosnia Network

The Bosnia Network Newsletter, Fall 96, featuring an interview with Sarajevan planner Zeljko Jovanovic

The Bosnia Network Newsletter, Fall 95 / Winter 96, featuring an interview with Clark Nelson of SPOT Image

The Bosnia Network Newsletter, Spring 1995, featuring an interview with LA prof Shishir Raval of NC State

The Bosnia Network Newsletter, Winter 1995, featuring an interview with LA prof Bruce Sharky of LSU

A Prayer for the Balkans written more than a century ago by Bahai visionary Abdul Baha

A Note from Sarajevo from young designers who support our efforts and hope to participate

Available Classes and Workshops that will enable American LA students to participate in Bosnia's rebirth

An Endorsement from Dennis Y. Otsuji, President of the American Society of Landscape Architects

A Peaceful Mobilization, outlining the benefits of combining academic, corporate and government resources

Sarajevo Survival Guide, a black humor Michelin featuring a cookbook for a starving population

Additional Resources includes links to UN, NATO, DOD, State Depatment and academic sites on Bosnia

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The Bosnia Network encourages you to donate your time, money and prayers to our efforts. No amount is too small. We offer our gratitude, love and commitment in return.

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