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The Bosnia Network has at its disposal a wide variety of site data donated from academic, municipal and military sources in Sarajevo (including maps, charts, photographs and plan views of the city), and additional study materials the Network has generated. We wish to make these resources available for land planning studies, on both the micro and macro levels, that might be useful in the rebuilding of Sarajevo and the rest of Bosnia.

I. Urban design classes and local charettes

We can provide materials for the following study areas specific to Sarajevo:

The Global Network for Rebuilding can furnish lecturers to support the material, but our monetary resources are limited and thus we charge a stipend for the service, covering expenses only.

II. Regional Planning Classes

Participating schools will be encouraged to involve students of regional planning in a joint GIS mapping project whose goal will be to produce a reconstruction plan for the whole of Bosnia.

Areas of study will include, among other topics:

The different emphases that various schools bring to the study of regional planning will broaden and strengthen our database and analytical capacity as a whole, resulting in an end product both useful to an emergent Bosnia and enlightening to American students.

For an overview of our Regional Planning program, see Regional Planning.

III. Master Planning Charettes

In the coming year, The Bosnia Network will host regional charettes designed to allow participants from various schools to come together to judge their work and refine it into a useful combined product. We are also planning a trip to Bosnia this summer for Network professors.

For a broader description of our regional charette program, see Charettes.

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