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BISNIS is the home page for the Department of Commerce's Business Information Service for the New Independent States. BISNIS includes a wealth of information about business opportunities, NIS companies seeking partners, analysis of market conditions and sectors, etc. Although primarily of interest to business firms, some of the practical information that interests them–telephone service, shipping companies, rules and regulations–also applies to NGOs. BISNIS is also of use to those American organizations, which in the course of working with NIS partners, have found themselves in the role of being a business consultant as their partners seek to improve their management techniques or look to commerce as a way of raising funds for their charitable activity.

New Russian Website
The U.S. Department of Commerce's Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Russian-language website at

Your NIS colleagues and partners can visit this new site, which provides:

BISNIS would like to offer U.S. companies that have achieved success in the NIS through BISNIS assistance the possibility of being featured on BISNIS' new Russian-language website as a success story.

To be considered for inclusion on the site, please provide a 200-400 word summary that includes:

Please send this information via email to If BISNIS decides to use your success story on its website, it will translate the information into Russian and notify you about when it will appear on the site.

BISNIS (Business Information Service for the NIS) at the Dept. of Commerce has a raft of e-mail publications for American companies active or interested in opportunities in the NIS. BISNIS Briefs is a bi-weekly bulletin which includes trade and investment leads, conference announcements, and general economic information about the NIS. BISNIS has similar bulletins for specific industries, e.g. Defense Conversion in Russia, and individual countries, e.g. Uzbekistan.

To be added to the bi-weekly BISNIS Briefs bulletin, send your name, company, postal and e-mail address, telephone and fax to: To see (and sign up for) a complete list of the industry and country specific bulletins visit BISNIS's Web site at: and follow the link for "Subscribe to our Free Bulletin and Email Publications." Due to its Congressional mandate, BISNIS's publications are available only to U.S.-based companies and companies based in the NIS.

Last updated:    April 2000

More information on electronic resources in Eurasia can be found in CCSI's publication Internet Resources for Eurasia,1999 edition.

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