Netherlands Fellowships Programme


The Netherlands Fellowships Programme (NFP) is part of the Dutch government's programme of development cooperation. It is the responsibility of the Education and Developing Countries Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The objectives of the NFP are: to develop human potential through education and training, and thus to diminish qualitative and quantitative deficiencies in the availability of trained manpower in developing countries; to contribute to the development and strengthening of institutions in developing countries (institution-building).


NFP fellowships are used mainly in the Netherlands.

For Whom

The programme is open only to nationals of eligible developing countries and countries in transition. NFP fellowships may be used for taking part in certain programmes or postgraduate courses, listed in the "International Courses in the Netherlands", or for receiving training that is tailor-made for a specific purpose. In all cases, successful candidates are aiming to improve their professional performance at home and to pass on the knowledge they have gained to others in order to benefit their country and foster its development. Fellowships are never awarded for receiving initial higher education.


The Netherlands Fellowships Programme consists of four programmes:

Two are for professionals:

and two are for university students: Criteria for Application

A candidate applying for a fellowship under the NFP programme should meet the following general criteria: - be a national of a developing country or a country in transition; - have an educational background, practical experience and/or a job that is related directly to the subject of the course; - be available for the entire period of the fellowship and be able to take part in the entire study programme or course; - have an adequate command of the English language. Candidates from non-English-speaking countries are therefore asked to attach the results of an English language test (preferably Toefl or IELTS) to their application form. - be in good health (to be confirmed by a medical examination); - not have studied abroad or received training abroad in the recent past.

The applications of all candidates who meet these general criteria and the specific criteria of the four parts of the NFP are submitted to a selection procedure at the institute offering the course in question and/or at Nuffic. A fellowship is granted for the duration of the course. Fellowships cover normal living expenses, fees, visa costs and health insurance.

Please note: Fellowships must be applied for well in advance, at least 2 months, and from the applicant's own country. Once a foreign national has arrived in the Netherlands, it is impossible for him/her to apply for any fellowship or additional funding.

More Information

General information on the courses for which the fellowships can be used is contained in the overview of international courses given in the "International Courses in the Netherlands 2000-2001". Detailed information about a particular course can be obtained by contacting the institute in question. The Nuffic Gateway, provides access to the websites of Dutch Universities and Hogescholen. Requests for information should be accompanied by the applicant's curriculum vitae, or resume.


Last updated:    April 2000

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